In English please

My dear foreign colleagues and random visitors of this blog.

In order to pay respect to your attention and in attempt to hold it for a little longer let me say a few words about myself.

My name is Alexandra, I am a lawyer,  a mediator, a legal bloger — you can never decide with regard to the so usual for our profession multitasking.

This blog is mainly aimed to gather thoughts and my professional experience with regard to particular issues of Russian legal regulation.

I hope some of it may become subject to experience exchanging as I see major latter developments in the Russian legislation being just another attempt to implement foreign, for example,the EU standards, decrees and legal experience (like the current Federal Law of the Russian Federation regulating the mediation procedure). As a result the practice of implementation reveals their non-applicability. I  believe it is due to the fact that, unlike the development of the original laws, them being newly introduced into the Russian laws lack the «natural history». Call it plagiary, literary piracy, — they do not work as were meant to, and we, the Russian lawyers, have nothing to do but to dig into the origin of new legislation to find the initial source of the bill and construe its meaning in accordance with our legal realities.

I would very much appreciate you sharing any thoughts on the subjects published here, particularly those from persons in legal profession — not to discourage any other specialists, however)

Second idea of this blog — I expect it to work both ways. In the event any of you needs some information on the Russian legislation in effect, please, feel free to contact me via leaving your comments here or by sending me an e-mail to

In order to gain better understanding of my professional experience, sphere of competence, skills, you are welcome to visit

Have a wonderful day!

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